Editing the Gospel of John

August 5, 2009

Getting started

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Now that the IGNTP edition of John for the Editio critica maior is getting towards the final stages when the editorial decisions are made, I am starting this blog so that people can see what we are doing.

Today I started assessing what Greek variants should be included in our edition of the Old Latin for the Vetus Latina Institut. The edition will, like all the others, contain a line of Greek text with variants underneath which are likely to be the source of variants in the Latin text. So I went through our evidence for the first 11 verse of Chapter 18. ten or eleven variants might be relevant. But some may have arisen in the Latin independently.

So how likely is the variant in verse 4 itaque/ergo/autem likely to come from the Greek variant ουν/δε ? What about word order? In verse 10 I think that it is possible that there is a correlation between του αρχιερεωϲ δουλον/δουλον του αρχιερεωϲ and pontificis seruum (Vulgate) /seruum principis sacerdotum (most VL MSS), but seruum pontificis (30) is a corruption of pontificis seruum, and so an inner Latin reading.


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